Total air temperature cover

Flame-retardant Nomex® protective cover for the Total Air Temperature (TAT) sensor.

High Temperature Test Adapter Seals are used calibrate and certify flight data sensors.

Dehumidifier Adapter Kit

Dehumidifier Adapter Kits are used to keep electronics in a conditioned environment.

Static Port Cover

We offer two types of Static Port Covers designed to protect the Static Port sensor.

Static Wick Cover

High temperature Silicone Static Wick covers protect the ports from damage. 

Pitot Probe Cover

We offer a variety of Pitot Probe covers: KPC3, KPC4, KPC4T, KPC5 and KPC6 Series.

Lanyard System

Our Lanyard Systems are designed to be used with our Pitot covers and Total Air Temperature covers.

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Sesame Technologies inc. Ground Support Maintenance Products

Antenna, mfp & test boom covers

Flame-retardant Nomex® protective covers for Antenna, Multi-Function Probe and Test Booms.

Ice detector sensor cover

Anodized Ice Detector Sensor Cover protects the sensor from damage during maintenance.

Angle of Attack Cover

Protect Angle of Attack vanes with our Anodized Aluminum AOA covers.

Drain Mast Cover

Drain Mast covers are designed to protect the drain mast during maintenance.

Installation Tool

Installation Tools come in a variety of lengths and aides in the Pitot cover installation process.